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Danielle and Josh’s Story: An Interview with Danielle and Josh Menning of Menning Photographic

Small business is the foundation of our economy. It’s the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that provides the spark of life in the marketplace. These are the voices of the great innovators all around us–those who aren’t afraid of failure because they know the risk of doing nothing is far greater. Those who have taken a leap of faith against all odds. Those who have started something. This is their story.


Menning Photographic is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, husband & wife photography team. They delight in taking photos that help you tell your love story. They are established in Northeast Ohio and enjoy shooting in Youngstown, Canfield, Columbiana, Western Pennsylvannia, state parks, gardens, farms, the country- basically anywhere they can find unique locations to shoot. Their style is mainly photojournalistic because they enjoy shooting moments as they happen. Having both of them as photographers ensures that they will provide you with our best, all-encompassing service possible.

Doug: Give me your elevator pitch: How do you professionally introduce yourselves?
Danielle and Josh: Our elevator pitch is not a pitch at all. We start by introducing ourselves, explaining that we have an honest interest in our potential clients, and describing how we engage in conversation with our target clients to hear of the vision for their wedding day or their love for their families. Our business’ goal is to encapsulate the true beauty of human relationships.
Doug: What inspired you to go into business for yourselves?
Danielle and Josh: We always wanted to do something that we are passionate about because when we do work we love, it doesn’t feel like we are working at all. For both of us, photography was always an interest; however, that interest turned into passion after we got our engagement photos taken. Telling our clients’ love stories through our photography is the true inspiration. Plus, we like being our own bosses.
Doug: What would you say is your biggest challenge as entrepreneurs?
Danielle and Josh: Our biggest challenges in starting the business have been entering a saturated market of established photographers, as well as juggling the business with our full-time jobs.
Doug: What makes you different from your competitors?
Danielle and Josh: We truly take pride in our work and seek to provide our clients with unique photos rather than posed, “cookie-cutter” images. We personally care about our clients and don’t view them as mere dollar signs. We get to know them, their families, and their likes and dislikes so we can incorporate that emotion into their photographs.
Doug: How do you use technology to promote and/or sustain your business?
Danielle and Josh: We rely heavily on digital cameras, the most up to date photography equipment, our iMac, various editing software, our iPad, Facebook, our website, cell phones, GPS’s, etc. In other words, we rely tremendously on technology to run and sustain our business. Facebook alone has been the number one source for most of our generated business. Being able to post photos and have exposure to thousands of viewers has helped exponentially!
Doug: Where do you see your business 5-10 years from now?
Danielle and Josh: We see our business in 5-10 years as thriving with both of us being full-time photographers with constant referrals leading us to continued success. We do not have any plans of outsourcing work, hiring other employees, or having an assembly line type of business because we want to have a personal touch on each part of the process.
Doug: What’s your favorite motivational quote?
Danielle and Josh: “Pursue your dreams zealously and envision your goals as fully realized. Trust in God.”

You can reach Danielle and Josh at info@menningphotographic.com or (330) 831-5442. Also, be sure to like thier Facebook page and check out their website. For a sample of their work, I’ve included a few pictures below.

If you run your own business and would like to have an interview with you featured on this blog, please contact me. I would love to share your story as well.

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