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Danielle and Josh’s Story: An Interview with Danielle and Josh Menning of Menning Photographic

Small business is the foundation of our economy. It’s the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that provides the spark of life in the marketplace. These are the voices of the great innovators all around us–those who aren’t afraid of failure because they know the risk of doing nothing is far greater. Those who have taken … Continue reading

Based On a T.R.U.E. Story

In films and books, the phrase “based on a true story” is a powerful marketing tool. People hear it and think, ‘Wow, this really happened!’And even if the phrase itself isn’t used, people still sometimes assume it fits—if it’s a story they perceive to have a ring of truth. In many cases, they don’t only … Continue reading

The 5 P’s of Your Business’s Story

How often do you think about what kind of story you are telling about your business? Perhaps you aren’t even sure how to frame it. You’re just worried about (and rightly so) turnover: producing and selling, keeping the business going. Why should you take the time to even think about your story? Is it really … Continue reading

Aligning Business Objectives with Customer Values

When my wife and I want to go to the movies, we always go the the “cheap theatre,” you know, the one where the “new” movies are at least a month old. Our local discount theatre, as I assume many theatres do, have a different pricing strategy depending on the time we go to see … Continue reading

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