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Pokism #3: The Missing Initiative

All around you are platforms, opportunities, and entire organizations that will come to life once you are driven enough and brave enough to contribute the initiative they are missing. – Seth Godin

Today, as per my LLC agreement with the Ohio Secretary of State, is the official day that I start my content marketing/SEO business. The ball is rolling. I have two appointments set up with customers this week to help kick-start their campaigns and am currently working on systematizing my client acquisition process. I really never saw myself going into Internet marketing. I don’t have a strong technology background and didn’t really know what a blog was until 2-3 years ago. Why, then, am I going into business for myself? Because I see an opportunity.

The Future of Advertising

I believe, from the blogging I’ve done and the stories that I’ve encountered throughout my brief time on the web, that content marketing is the advertising of the future. Customers are thirsty for information. Traditionally, marketers have hidden information and protected industry secrets but, now, he who delivers the most content wins. Corporate blogging is all the rage. Big businesses are building followings based on the amount of content they give away for free—setting themselves up as valuable resources.

Small businesses, however, sometimes still don’t even have web pages. There is a great need for small businesses to be better educated and equipped for content marketing. Small businesses sometimes find it difficult to compete with the capital and financial resources of bigger competitors. With the power of the web, though, they can cost-effectively build bigger and better online communities of customers and supporters. And that’s why I’m here…because these companies need help and someone has to do it. I am capable and I am interested; I therefore feel responsible.

The Future of _____________

Ha! I fooled you! This is businesses lesson thinly disguised as shameless self promotion. This post is not about me and the initiative I’ve taken in pursuing the opportunity I’ve discovered. It’s about you and your industry. What new opportunities are presenting themselves before you? Are you taking the initiative to capitalize on those opportunities? Or, are you waiting cautiously and quietly until everyone is doing it? Game-changing innovation is all around you, waiting to be discovered, be it in new markets, new products, new branding, new processes, or anything else. The world is waiting for you to change it. What will you do?

What is your industry? Take a look at the trends within it. What do you see? What is its future? Whatever you see, shift everything to that end. The key to success is the ability to create the future in the present. Be the company that revolutionizes your industry. Take the initiative. Your competitors aren’t doing it and your customers need it. If you see it, it’s your responsibility to reveal it. What do you see in your industry’s crystal ball? Reach in, pull it out, and hand it to your customers. Your reward will be great.

featured image courtesy of garryknight licensed via Creative Commons

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Douglas E Rice is just a guy who likes to learn stuff.


2 thoughts on “Pokism #3: The Missing Initiative

  1. Good luck with your new venture, Doug!

    Posted by SandyU | November 14, 2011, 1:29 pm

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