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Pokism #3: The Missing Initiative

All around you are platforms, opportunities, and entire organizations that will come to life once you are driven enough and brave enough to contribute the initiative they are missing. – Seth Godin Today, as per my LLC agreement with the Ohio Secretary of State, is the official day that I start my content marketing/SEO business. … Continue reading

What Are We Doing for Lunch?

Joe is an inside sales rep who works in an office. His day starts at 8:45am sharp. He arrives everyday, like clockwork, at 8:35am. He checks his email. He responds. He logs into his CRM. He makes a few calls. With some luck, he is able to schedule an appointment. He looks at his clock. … Continue reading

Debbie’s Story: An Interview with Debbie Loncar of Shekinah True Scents

Small business is the foundation of our economy. It’s the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that provides the spark of life in the marketplace. These are the voices of the great innovators all around us–those who aren’t afraid of failure because they know the risk of doing nothing is far greater. Those who have taken … Continue reading

Proactive PR: A Lesson from Klatch Coffee

When we hear the words ‘public relations,’ we often think of damage control. Something bad has happened within a company causing a negative effect on its brand and in comes the PR team to pick up the pieces. When we think of PR, we think of apologies. Justifications. Promises of change and improvement. PR typically … Continue reading

Freedom is Responsibility

The clock is ticking until I launch my business full-time and I’m running into an interesting realization as I try to plan my schedule for the first few weeks: I won’t have as much time as I think! Even though I won’t be working my 50-60 hour/week day job, I still find myself grasping for … Continue reading

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